Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gaston’s Best Bud

Name: Michael Fatica
Role: Lefou

Michael Fatica plays the role of Lefou in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and is today’s guest on our blog! Read on to learn more about Michael!!

Hello blog readers!! I'm Michael Fatica, also known onstage as Lefou! For those who haven't seen the movie or the show before, Lefou is Gaston's sidekick and best bud. I'm also referred to as that crazy little guy who keeps falling down throughout the story :)

We just finished a beautiful two weeks in Honolulu, followed by a week break before we venture into the fall schedule. After a week in San Antonio, we arrive in Tempe, Arizona, at the ASU Gammage Theatre! Some of the cast, crew, or musicians have toured to Tempe before and also boast that it is one of their favorite spots. One of the first things we see in each city is, of course, the theatre. We are lucky enough to play some amazing spaces around the country, and I'm sure the ASU Gammage is no different. It always adds an extra spark to doing the show in a theatre with a strong history or unique structure. I'm really excited to check out the ASU space designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and hopefully add a bit of "Disney Magic" to the Broadway Across America Season!

I have ventured to Arizona before, having visited Tucson with my family when I was in Kindergarten. Originally from Florida, I'd never seen such a dry climate and rolling landscape, and remember thinking it looked so alien. My only memories that stuck were the tragic ones: my sister fell into a cactus and had to slowly pick out the barbs, while I had an exuberant horse on a trail ride that decided to take a jaunt instead of a slow walk. I'm sure at 23 I am now more equipped to explore what Tempe has to offer. I'm looking forward to checking out the ASU campus, and to head over to Mill Avenue and see what's happening downtown.

So, while strolling through Tempe from October 19th to the 24th, keep an eye out for some extra boisterous theatre types....it might be one of the company members of Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

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  1. Michael, I have seen the show and your part was amazing and very funny. I would love to see the show again some day, because I love Beauty and the Beast. I just hope one day I could be in a musical like you. Hope to see you on stage again!