Friday, October 1, 2010

Robyn DeGuzman: Aloha!

Robyn DeGuzman, who plays Silly Girl #3 in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, is our latest blogger! Robyn shares some neat facts about herself, the tour, and life in Hawaii!

Name: Robyn DeGuzman

Role in the show: Silly Girl 3

Aloha from Honolulu, HI! I'm Robyn DeGuzman and I play "Silly Girl #3". Though I also dance in the ensemble as a fork, plate, and napkin, you probably remember me primarily from my constant fainting - I can't seem to keep it together when Gaston's around!

Constantly collapsing during our eight show weeks isn't always easy, but I've adopted a few tumbling tricks of the trade. When we started rehearsals, our fight director, Rick Sordelet, advised me to start off slowly. I experimented a lot and found which falls I was most comfortable with, and I gradually became faster and faster at falling, and even more importantly, getting back up! The movement reminds me a lot of judo, which I trained in when I was younger. I also use utilize my modern dance training from college.

As for life on the road, it isn't always easy, but we're in HAWAI'I! Snorkeling, horseback riding, visiting Pearl Harbor, hiking, and skydiving are only a few of the things our cast has experienced here! I personally am enjoying Waikiki's beautiful beaches for relaxing and surfing and trying a lot of the local cuisine, which is an awesome blend of different cultures that makes it distinctly Hawaiian. Try a plate lunch from the Diamond Head Market and Grill or some Saimin from the famous Like Like Drive Inn!

Mahalo (that means thank you) for reading. See you back on the Mainland!

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  1. Hi! I'm sure you guys enjoyed Hawaii! I'm from the Philippines and I'm going to the US just to see the show this October in San Diego is there any way we can meet and greet the cast? Or do they have a pre show offer? Like during technical/dress rehearsals? Im a college student (theater major) from the Ateneo de Manila University and I was planning to use this experience for my upcoming thesis. I really hope you guys can help! It would be a dream come true! pls email me at thank you!